In the Second Jazz & Blues Outdoor Concert, New York-based Composer and Pianist, Kevin Harris, and Pat Loomis's Exceptional Musical "Friends" Enthrall the Library Park Crowd

From left to right: Kevin Harris, Max Ridley, Pat Loomis and Yoron Israel

From left to right: Kevin Harris, Max Ridley, Pat Loomis and Yoron Israel

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The second of four Library Park concerts this summer, held on July 30, saw another remarkable musical performance by pianist Kevin Harris who played several of his own compositions. Accompanying him were Pat Loomis, on the alto saxophone; Max Ridley, on the acoustic bass; and Yoron Israel, on drums.

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It was another beautiful, dry, somewhat sultry summer night after a blast of heat had tormented many Bostonians during the day. Coming to Library Park, shaded by tall oak trees, spelled relief., as did the copious number of watermelon slices available at the refreshment table.

The thrilling musical numbers composed by Kevin Harris included The Potential To Be, followed by Lullaby For A Yellowbird, Lullaby For Humanity. Then onto The Silent Majority and Ali. The foursome also played two Charlie Parker compositions, Donna Lee and Ko Ko, as well as a remarkable piece by Hoagy Carmichael, Skylark..

The next two concerts will take place on Tuesdays, August 20 and August 27, rain or shine: The Motown sound of the Nephrok! Allstar Band will fill the park on the 20th (“Bring you dancing shoes,” Pat Loomis told the audience”) and the A-Beez Music Collective, with roots in Soul, Funk and R & B, will close the summer outdoor concert season on the 27th.

All performances in Library Park are free. They are sponsored by FOSEL with generous contributions from you, our supporters. Thank you. We serve sliced watermelon. There will be some seating but bring yours if you want to.

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