The Third Summer Concert in Library Park with Pat Loomis and his Friends Will Bring You "Grits 'N Gravy: A Soulful Evening of Jazz and Blues," and Watermelon, Too, on Tuesday, August 9 at 6:30 PM

The August 2nd concert with Pat Loomis & Friendsin Library Park, with Scott Aruda on trumpet  

After hours of rain on August 2, the sun returned  and dried out Library Park just in time for another fine outdoor jazz and blues evening presented by Pat Loomis and his Friends. The first songs, Green Dolphin Street and There Will Never Be Another You, had already warmed up the crowd when surprise guest sax player Arni Cheatham walked into the park, unpacked his instrument case, and joined the band. The audience was treated to a great session of Misty, with Pat Loomis, trumpeter Scott Aruda, and Cheatham each doing their solo interpretation.  The high-energy final piece, What Is This Thing Called Love, could be heard blocks away by lucky Southenders sitting on their roofdecks and balconies.

Playing Misty, with Arni Meacham, Scott Aruda, and Pat Loomis

More of the same coming up Tuesday, August 9 at 6:30 PM, with that evening's theme of Grits 'N Gravy: A Soulful Evening of Jazz and Blues. With Pat Loomis on alto-sax and Antonio Loomis on guitar, we'll hear Rusty Scott's organ, and Benny Benson on drums. Again, the weather should cooperate, and the watermelon will be sliced fresh.

The final concert, Let's Groove Tonight: A Funky Dance Party with Ivory Jones and White Chocolate, will take place on Tuesday, August 23rd, 6:30 PM. It will feature a number of vocalists including Pat Loomis, who in addition to playing the alto-sax also sings a really great tune; Sarah Soulchild; and keyboardist Jimmy Dow-Dow, another marvelous vocalist. Then there will be Antonio Loomis, guitar, Tommy Bounce on drums, Thunderfoot performing percussion and..a special guest or two.

A happy crowd of South End jazz aficionados in Library Park. Courtesy, Lane Newman

Concerts in Library Park are free and sponsored by The Friends of the South End Library (that means you!) and the BPL’s South End branch. We thank the Ann H. Symington Foundation for their generous grant to FOSEL to bring music to Library Park. There will be limited seating so bring your own chair if you can. Restrooms are available inside the library. The South End branch is fully handicapped accessible. We thank the Boston Parks Department for their continued efforts to make the park shine.