Bring Your Dancing Shoes on Tuesday, August 23rd, 6:30 PM, to the Final Summer Jazz & Blues Concert in Library Park, Featuring Three Vocalists with Pat Loomis and his Friends

Rusty Scott on organ; Benny Benson, drums; and, from the back Antonio Loomis, guitar As per tradition, the fourth and final  Library Park Summer Jazz and Blues concert coming up on Tuesday, August 23rd, at 6:30 PM with Pat Loomis and his Friends will bring you three vocalists for the session of Let's Groove Tonight: A Funky Dance Party with Ivory Jones and White Chocolate. Performing will be Pat Loomis on the alto sax; Antonio Loomis, guitar; Tommy Bounce on drums; Thunderfoot will do percussion; and Jimmy Dow-Dow is on keyboard. The vocalists include the versatile Pat Loomis, Sarah Soulchild and the multi-talented Jimmy Dow-Dow. There may be a surprise guest or two. There may be dancing in the streets. The weather is supposed to be warm and dry.

Benny Benson drumming with tenor-sax player Yesseh Ali

The August 9 concert, Grits 'N Gravy: A Soulful Evening of Jazz and Blues, saw an enthusiastic and gratified audience, including District Councilor Tito Jackson and his staff. The fine organist, Rusty Scott, brought his humongous wood-cased organ, and played beautifully with the outstanding drummer Benny Benson,  alto-saxophonist Pat Loomis and Antonio Loomis on guitar. The fantastic tenor-sax solos by Berklee student Yesseh Farah Ali brought some in the audience to their feet.

The songs featured in The Soulful Evening of Jazz and Blues featured Au Privave, by Charlie Parker; Stanley Turpentine's Sugar; Body and Soul, by Johnny Greene; Caravan, by Juan Tirol; Back at the Chicken Shack, by Jimmy Smith and, like last week when surprise guest

District Councilor Tito Jackson was among the audience of the jazz and blues concert in Library Park

Arni Cheatham came by,  another rendition of Errol Garner's Misty.  Concerts in Library Park are free and sponsored by The Friends of the South End Library (that means you!) and the BPL’s South End branch. We serve freshly sliced watermelon...

We thank the Ann H. Symington Foundation for their generous grant to FOSEL to bring music to Library Park. There will be limited seating so bring your own chair if you can. Restrooms are available inside the library. The South End branch is fully handicapped accessible. We thank the Boston Parks Department for their continued efforts to make the park shine.