The Easter Bunny Will Host the Eighth Annual South End Library Easter Egg Hunt at Library Park on Sunday, March 27, From 11 AM to 2 PM

The Easter Bunny is ready for you After a one-year hiatus due to last year's snow deluge, the Eighth Annual South End Library Easter Egg Hunt is back on track for Sunday, March 27 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. The Easter Bunny is practicing hugs. The 1,400 eggs have been filled with chocolate, poems and knock-knock jokes. The Parks Department and FOSEL will have scrubbed Library Park clean. Police officers from Area D4 have been asked to be there to assist with street crossing, and if previous years' experience is a guide, they will be there.  FOSEL will have created a separate area for little kids up to age four.

Ready to hunt, loaded for chocolates, poems and knock-knock jokes


Do not be late: The gates to Library Park will open after a count-down of 20 seconds at 11:00 AM SHARP. It will all be over at 11:03 AM, if past experience still holds. There will be Easter baskets for any child who for forgot to bring one. Refreshments will be served.