Report from the The Eighth Annual Easter Egg Hunt: 1,400 Eggs Filled with Chocolate, Poems and Knock-Knock Jokes Collected by a Horde of Happy Children in Less than Three Minutes...

the 1,400 eggs awaiting the onslaught Another Egg Hunt under the belt of the staff and Friends of the  South End library. The sun came out. The park

The hordes at the gate before the 11:00 count-down

looked great, thanks to a thorough sweeping, weeding and mulching by the Parks Department. The balloons waved in the breeze. The Easter Bunny was better than

the Easter Bunny has extra eggs for late-comers

ever. So many happy children. The first outdoor event of Spring 2016. The coffee was hot. The lemonade sweet. Baked good as delicious as ever. A plethora of selfies. Some not-so-selfies, too, as here in this post.

The FOSEL set-up crew