Library Pop Quiz: Which of Five Activities Took Place at the South End Branch Last Tuesday, July 9?

Written and reported by Ruth Rothstein, FOSEL board member  


Quick, take out a sheet of paper and number one through five. Which of these activities were taking place Tuesday night July 9 at the South End Library?

A Library Park crowd for Pat Loomis on July 9

A Library Park crowd for Pat Loomis on July 9

1. A Jazz concert featuring a well-known local jazz band

2. A Shakespeare reading from an upcoming production of the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company

3. An Art Opening Reception of new paintings, old masters’ style

4. A meeting of local politicos strategizing for the upcoming city-wide elections that includes a once-in-two-decades mayoral race

5. All of the Above!

Did you get an A? Yes, all of these activities were taking place under one roof of the BPL’s South End branch Tuesday evening on Tremont Street, each one free and accessible to the public: the Pat Loomis jazz concert took place in the library’s park next door; Zen O’Connor’s art exhibit was on display on the first floor; Judith Klau’s talk about Two Gentlemen of Verona settled in the upstairs community room; and the politicos’ Ward 4 Democratic meeting featuring Rep. Byron Rushing and at-large City Council candidate Michelle Wu, among other luminaries, brainstormed in the Children’s Room.

“A plethora of riches,” said Helaine Simmons of East Springfield Street.

“Something for everyone,” Margie Cohen of West Brookline Street observed.

“Every corner, crack and cranny, there was something going on,“ cracked  library regular John Jones of West Newton Street.

Whether your cultural tastes skew towards music, theater, art or politics, that night of July 9 the South End library offered residents a taste of all of these: and you didn’t have to leave the neighborhood. Once again, our local library proves itself an invaluable resource for all. As this month continues, on Tuesday, July 16th artist Zen O'Conor will give a gallery talk illuminating his work. The next FOSEL-sponsored jazz concert with Zeke Martin and Oracle is scheduled for 6:30 the evening of July 23rd. Don’t miss out, be sure to include the SE Library in your summer plans.