Former Area D4 Police Blotter Scribe John Sacco Returns to the South End Library to Reminisce About Those Very Good Very Bad Old Days

j sacco flyer.png

JOHN SACCO, the Poet Laureate of the South End News’s Police Blotter, who for decades reported on those flaunting the rule of law, at least such as it existed in the (much rowdier) South End at the time, will talk at the South End Library next Tuesday, February 7. Sacco’s iconic and oft-repeated declaration, “The Scoundrel Was Arrested on the Spot,” lives in the heart of many Area D4 police-blotter aficionados. Retired but much missed since 2000, Sacco will reminisce about his days as law-and-order scribe when he once cited a man for making love to his dog and was forced to research the law on bestiality then on the books. Tuesday, February 7, 6:30 PM. THE SOUTH END WRITES is a program sponsored by the Friends of the South End Library (FOSEL) with the generous cooperation of the staff of the South End Branch. Previous readings have included South End luminaries like novelist Sue Miller, essayist Doug Bauer, poet Henry Cole, culinary writers Chris Kimball and Joanne Chang, filmmaker and screenwriter Alice Stone,  authors Philip Gambone and Johnny Diaz, and many others.