Library service was established in the South End in 1877. The branch was located in the Mercantile Library Association until 1879 when it was moved to the English High School. In 1904, the Branch relocated to 397 Shawmut Avenue and then again in 1923 to the John J. Williams Municipal Building at Shawmut Avenue and West Brookline Street. On June 7, 1971, the South End Branch moved to a new building at its present location, which was on the site of the original Mercantile building (source: www.bpl.org/branches/southend)

The Librarians

Anne Smart, Head Librarian

Anne has been at the South End Library for 15 years.

Her favorite book is Telegraph Avenue, by Michael Chabon


Deborah Madrey, Librarian

Deborah has worked for the South End Library for 15 years.

Her favorite book is Fortunes, by Vera Cowie

Krug, Matt.jpg

Matt Krug, Librarian

Matt arrived at the South End Library at the end of 2013 from the East Boston Meridian branch, since replaced by a new East Boston Library. His favorite reading includes:

Giovanni's Room, by James Baldwin

Anything written by Langston Hughes

Before Night Falls, by Reinaldo Arenas

Carol Glass, Librarian

Carol has worked for the BPL for 12 years.

Her favorite book is The Coldest Winter Eve, by Sister Souljah


Margaret Gardner, Children's Librarian

Margaret has worked for the South End Library for 8 1/2 years.

Her favorite all-time book is Torah

Her favorite children's book is King of the Wind by Marguerite Henry