Previous Speakers

The Friends of the South End Library sponsor the author series The South End Writes. It is usually held on Tuesday evenings, when the library is open at night, but occasionally, depending on the schedule of the speakers, it is held on another week night. It starts at 6:30 PM and ends by 8:00 PM. The format varies, but generally the writer talks about his/her work, what inspires him/her, and then reads a segment from the book at hand. After that, Q & A and book signing. Books are available for borrowing and for sale.

FOR THE LAST SEVEN YEARS WE HAVE HOSTED (in chronological order):

Sue Miller (The lake Shore Limited & The Arsonist)

Jennifer Steil (The Woman Who Fell From the Sky)

Scott Pomfret (Since My Last Confession)

Screenwriter/filmmaker Alice Stone (Film documentary: Angelo Unwritten)

Doug Bauer (What Happens Next?)

Colin Shepherd (The Museum of Human Beings)

Phil Gambone (Travels in a Gay Nation: Portraits of LGBTQ Americans and Recent work in progress)

Alison Barnet (South End Character: Speaking Out on Neighborhood Change and Sitting Ducks)

Meg Muckenhaupt (Boston’s Gardens and Green Spaces)

Susan Conley (The Foremost Good Fortune)

Poet Henri Cole (Pierce the Skin)

Christopher Kimball (Cook’s Illustrated)

Joanne Chang (Flour)

Lily King (Father of the Rain)

Johnny Diaz (Take the Lead)

Wendy Wunder (The Probability of Miracles)

Police Officer John Sacco (Poet Laureate of the South End News’s Police Blotter)

Sven Birkets (The Other Walk & recent work)

Edith Pearlman (Binocular Vision)

Leah Hager Cohen (The Grief of Others)

Christine Chamberlain (How to write memoirs)

Mari Passananti (The Hazards of Hunting While Heartbroken and The K Street Affair)

L. Annette Binder (Rise)

Sara Lawrence Lightfoot (The Third Chapter: Passion, Risk and Adventure in the 25 Years After Fifty and Exits: The Endings that Set Us Free and Growing Each Other Up: When Our Children Become Our Teachers)

Margaret Sullivan (Boston’s Fairest)

Maryanne O’Hara (Cascade)

Margot Livesey (The Flight of Gemma Hardy)

Stephen Davis (More Room in a Broken Heart: the True Adventures of Carly Simon)

April Bernard (Miss Fuller)

Andre Dubus III (Townie, a Memoir)

Alice Hoffman (The Dovekeepers)

Susan Naimark (The Education of a White Parent: Wrestling with Race and Opportunity in the Boston Public Schools)

Marylou Depeiza (Walking in her Shoes)

Lynne Potts (A Block in Time: A History of Boston’s South End from a Window on Holyoke Street)

Dennis Lehane (Live by Night)

Barbara Shapiro (The Art Forger)

Joe Gallo (Boston Bronze and Stone Speak to Us)

Boston Poet Laureate Danielle Legros Georges (recent work)

Joe Wexler (The Adventures of Ed Tuttle, Associate Justice, and Other Stories)

Megan Marshall (Margaret Fuller: A New American Life)

Sara DiVello (Where in the OM Am I?)

J. Courtney Sullivan (The Engagements)

Christopher Castellani (All This Talk of Love)

Michael Lowenthal (The Paternity Test)

Max Grinnell (A talk about the urban condition)

Poet Colin D. Halloran (Shortly Thereafter)

Anita Shreve (Stella Bain)

William Landay (Defending Jacob)

Richard Vacca (The Boston Jazz Chronicles: Faces, Places and Nightlife 1937-1962)

Pablo Medina (Cubop City Blues)

Stephen Kinzer (The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles and Their Secret World War and True Flag: Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and the Birth of American Empire)

Hope Shannon (Legendary Locals of Boston’s South End)

Jean Gibran (Love Made Visible)

Joe Steinfield (Claremont Boy)

Jamaica Kincaid (See Now Then)

Jennifer Haigh (News From Heaven)

Anjali Duva (Faint Promise of Rain)

Jack Beatty (The Lost History of 1914)

Scott Heim (We Disappear)

James O’Connell (The Hub’s Metropolis: Greater Boston’s Development from Railroad Suburbs to Smart Growth)

James Vrabel (A People’s History of New Boston)

Alysia Abbott (Fairyland: A Memoir of my Father)

John J. Ross (Shakespeare’s Tremor and Orwell’s Cough)

Adam Rothman (Beyond Freedom’s Reach: A Kidnapping in the Twilight of Slavery)

Diana Nicosia (The Caravaggio Contract)

Virginia Pye (Dreams of the Red Phoenix)

Stephen Kurkjian (Master Thieves: The Boston Gangsters Who Pulled Off the World’s Greatest Art Heist)

Paul McLean (Bloodlines)

Ross Terrill (The New Chinese Empire)

Michelle Hoover (Bottomland)

Russ Lopez (Boston’s South End: The Clash of Ideas in a Historic Neighborhood)

Bessel van der Kolk (The Body keeps the Score: Brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma)

The Dog Lady, a.k.a Monica Collins (South End News columnist)

Saundra MacKay (The Measure of Love)

Callie Crossley (WGBH commentator/ political gabfest)

Joseph Finder (Guilty Minds)

Louise Miller (The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living)

Gordon Hamersley (Bistro Cooking at Home)

Dina Vargo (Boston by Foot)

Junot Diaz (The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Drown & This is How You Lose Her)

Wendy Walker (All Is Not Forgotten)

Gish Jen (The Girl at the Baggage Claim: Explaining the East West Culture Gap)

Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot (Growing Each Other Up: When Our Children Become Our Teachers)

Jenna Blum (Those Who Save Us and Grand Central: Original Stories of Postwar Love and Reunion and The Lost Family)

Mel King (Chain of Change: Struggles for Black Community Development)

Katherine Nichols (DeepWater)

Lynne Potts (Faces of a Neighborhood: Boston's South End in the Early 21st Century)

Claudia Gold (The Silenced Child)

Conductor Gil Rose (Odyssey Opera)

Impressario Randolph Fuller (A History of Opera in Boston)

Sam Allis (A Hero of Two Worlds)

Jody Adams (In the Hands of  Chef: Cooking with Jody Adams of Rialto Restaurant)

Russ Lopez (Boston 1945-2015: The Decline and Rise of a Great World City)

Lauren Prescott (Boston's South End: A Postcard History)

MA State Rep. Byron Rushing (My Life and Debt in the Massachusetts State House)

William Kuhn (Prince Harry Boy to Man)

Megan Marshall (Elizabeth Bishop: A Miracle for Breakfast)

Allegra Goodman (The Chalk Artist)

David Hemenway (Private Guns, Public Health and While We were Sleeping: Success Stories in Injury and Violence Prevention)

Karen Day (I'll Stay)

Iory Allison (The Glamour Galore Trilogy)

Randy Susan Meyers (The Widow of Wall Street)

Melinda Lopez (Sonia Flew, Mala)

Randolph Fuller (Odyssey Opera’s focus on composer Charles Gounod )

Jessica Keener (Strangers in Budapest)

 Joan Wickersham ( The Suicide Index: Putting My Father’s Death in Order, The News from Spain)

Stephen Kinzer & Christopher Lydon (Iran and Syria: Our Enemies or Potential partners?)

Joan Diver (When Spirit Calls: A Healing Odyssey)

Jacques Lamarre and David Miller (Trigger Warning, a Zeitgeist play)

Dan Kelley (Beyond City Hall: An Architectural History of the SE Library and its Architect, Romaldo Giurgola)

Suzanne Berne (The Dogs of Littlefield)

Chris Cstellani (Leading Men)

Russ Lopez (The Hub of the Gay Universe: Boston, Provincetown and Beyond)