Previous Board of Directors

FOSEL and its various board members have maintained and improved the physical appearances of the library and the park, and raised funds for its popular programming.


Marleen Nienhuis (president); Barbara Sommerfeld (treasurer); Kim Clark (clerk); Gary Bailey; Marilyn Davillier; Maura Harrington; Licia Sky; Duncan Will. The FOSEL advisory board included Nick Altschuller; Liane Crawford; Susanna Coit; Michael Cox; Don Haber; Ed Hostetter; Gail Ide; Stephen Fox; Michelle Laboy; Reinhold Mahler; Jacqueline McRath; Jon Santiago; Anne Smart; Karen Watson.


Marleen Nienhuis (president); Barbara Sommerfeld (treasurer); Ed Hostetter (clerk/secretary), serving two-year terms; and directors  Marilyn Davilier; Maura Harrington; Jon Santiago; Kim Clark; and Michelle Laboy, serving one-year terms. The FOSEL advisory board included Jacqueline McRath; Stephen Fox; Don Haber; Liane Crawford; Susanna Coit; Lois Russell; Licia Sky; Anne Smart; and Karen Watson.


Curtis Seborowski (president); Barbara Sommerfeld (treasurer); Marleen Nienhuis (clerk/secretary); and directors Mari Passananti and Adam Castiglione.  The advisory board included Anne Smart, head librarian of the SE library; Mary Owens, graphic designer; Stephen Fox; chair of the Rutland Square Association, which is the official Parks Department Partner for Library Park; and P.K. Shiu.  All are volunteers.


Glyn Polson (president); Barbara Sommerfeld (treasurer); Adam Castiglione (clerk); and directors Courtney Fitzgerald, Anita Mercado, Deb Coletti, Rhys Sevier, and P.K. Shiu.


Marleen Nienhuis (president); Dana Dubreuil (treasurer); Anthony Woeltz (clerk); Lois Russell (secretary); and directors Ann Wilson Lloyd and Stephen Fox.