The South End Library's Window Take-over is Complete; Plans for Upcoming Installations Based on Library Themes Are in the Works

Evil stepmothers taking over Tremont Street window. Courtesy Lane Newman The Tremont Street windows of the South End library have provisionally become an exhibit space for local artists and other residents who are interested in showcasing their ideas by linking them to a library-related theme. The library has featured exhibits of many artists in the last few decades but the interior space is currently too crowded to do justice to  featured art work. The windows provide a unique opportunity, especially in light of the many passersby.

Courtesy Lane Newman

The first display, by wire sculptor Will Corcoran, is based on the tales by Brothers Grimm and the Boston-born poet and writer Edgar Allen Poe, beloved by many, even though Poe, at times frustrated by local parochialism, occasionally referred to Bostonians as 'Frogpondians.' Ray Brown, known by many as the friendly face with the mellifluous voice  from WGBH-TV fundraisers and his classical music shows on WCRB radio, read a beautiful rendition of The Raven for the Window Take-over Opening on March 31st. It was matched by his telling of Poe's A Dream  Within a Dream, the Grimm Brothers' Red Riding Hood and The Old Man and his Grandson. The wire sculptures are for sale. Fifty percent of the proceeds will benefit the South End library.

Courtesy: Lane Newman

The next Window Take-over may well feature a collaboration between Ray Brown's acclaimed Talkin' Birds radio show, which he also hosts, and the Children's Art CenterInitial talks are underway. You will hear the details about it here first.

For new Window Take-over proposals, please contact Anne Smart at the South End library. Email: or phone: 617-536-8241.