The First Local/Focus Window to Showcase Will Corcoran's Wire Sculptures Based on Tales by Edgar Allen Poe and Brothers Grimm, and a Reading of "The Raven" by WGBH Host Ray Brown, March 31, 6:30 PM


The initiative by the Friends of the South End Library (FOSEL) and South End library staff  to populate the library's prominent Tremont Street windows with installations by local artists and creative entrepreneurs will have its first showing on Thursday, March 31, with an opening at the library at 6:00 PM. The featured artist is local wire sculptor Will Corcoran who, together with FOSEL board member and Take-over visionary Karen Watson, will create a window set-up based on the tales of  Edgar Allen Poe and the Brothers Grimm. As part of the opening event, WGBH radio host and creator of the Talkin' Bird show, Ray Brown, will read from selected work of Grimm and Poe. An award will be given to the first ten children up to the age of fourteen who can correctly guess the names of all the tales represented in the windows. The answers, name and contact information of the participant should be submitted to the staff at the library in a sealed envelope by April 15, marked "South End Library Window Take-over."

Will Corcoran "tumbled into" wire sculpture a few years ago, and has participated in shows in Provincetown, Truro, and various locations in Boston, including SoWa. His work can be seen in front of his home at Pembroke Street and Warren Avenue. Ray Brown's face and mellifluous voice will be easily recognized from the many fundraising campaigns he has participated in for WGBH TV and the classical music programs he hosted on WCRB. His popular Talkin'Bird show was described by the Boston Globe as a cross between Prairie Home Companion and Car Talk. 

takeover 1.png

The Library Window Take-over project is open to all and intended to introduce the many South-enders passing by the branch on Tremont Street to the extraordinary artists, entrepreneurs, educators and cultural beacons who live here, and for them to see the library as theirs. All proposals have to be approved by FOSEL and the library staff and have to reflect a library-related theme. For further information, please contact head librarian Anne Smart at, or call at 617 536-8241, or just stop by at the branch.

The library is fully handicapped accessible. The March 31 opening is free, and will take place from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. Refreshments are served.