Would You Like to "Take Over" the South End Library's Tremont Street Window? Splashy New Installation of Snappy Handmade Kites on the Branch's Tremont Street Side Is But One Example of the Creative Community's Possibilities...

"Throwing Caution to the Wind," South End library's sample window installation  on Tremont Street The many windows of the prominently located South End library bring light and brightness to the interior of the branch, especially important in the often gloomy winters and short days that are so typical of Boston's weather patterns. But from the outside looking in, the windows can brighten the streetscape and make that more welcoming, too, thinks Karen Watson, a recent new member of the FOSEL advisory board. Watson, a South End resident who is an interior designer by profession, is in the process of approaching a number of South End creative entrepreneurs, whose charming and unique shops often lack street visibility, and asked them to "take over" the windows for a few weeks, a few months, or a season to design inspiring installations for the library's windows based on the theme of a library. Art organizations, schools or cultural groups are being invited, too, as long as the design emphasizes the library as an important and fun neighborhood resource.

"Caution to the Wind," as seen from inside the South End library looking out on Tremont Street

While details of the Library Window Take-Over are being ironed out by FOSEL, Watson has done a simple installation of hand-made kites with colorful tails made of, among other things, yellow construction tape in the huge Tremont Street window at the library, with the theme of Throwing Caution to the Wind. On display are craft books about how to make kites, a harbinger of spring. Let it inspire you: Bring your own idea for another Tremont Street window installation to the South End library's staff. They will pass the ideas on to us as long as you leave your contact information.

For further information, call Anne Smart at the South End branch at 617 536-8241, or contact FOSEL at info@southendlibrary.org or at marleen.nienhuis@verizon.net.