The First of the Two Library Park LightWells Has Been Installed and....It Glows Softly in the Night

One of the two Laboy LightWells installed this weekend in Library Park After several weeks of delays due to manufacturing backups, the first of the two LightWells has been installed in Library Park. Glowing softly at night now, the water meters and the programming of color changes will follow the final lighting configuration, according to Michelle Laboy, assistant professor at Northeastern University's School of Architecture. Reseeding the grass and adding the plantings around the LightWells will be completed in the next few weeks.

The Light Well project lends itself well to small parks in areas with groundwater recharge issues, according to Kris Carter, from the Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics. The project was one of the winners of the Walsh administration’s Public Space Invitational competition held last year, for which there were 70 submissions and nine winners. The proposal was submitted in the Random Awesome Design category by Laboy and two associates, Seth Wiseman and Joshua Fiedler.