The South End Library's Seventh Annual Easter Egg Hunt Brought Sunshine, Chocolate, Poems, the Easter Bunny and Many Happy Kids of All Ages

EEH6What is it about volunteering that makes one sigh over signing up (yet another thing on the list) and so pleased for having done it once again? Take the South End Library's Annual Easter Egg Hunt: it begins with ordering the 1,200 plastic eggs and the chocolates to go with it; copying the poems and knock-knock jokes to accompany the candy; reserving the bunny costume; and lassoing a good-natured bunny who you hope will actually show up.EEH8 Then there's the counting and distributing of eggs and their contents to those who agreed to fill them, usually the same over-extended parents who always say 'yes' at home, school and work, kicking themselves once again for not knowing how to say 'no.' So the graphic designer gets a call for yet another poster design. The Area D4 Police Department is asked to provide an officer to help kids cross Tremont Street. The Parks Department has to send a permit. And, oh, we need baked goods, coffee, lemonade, cups, plates. And all of it may be for naught if the weather doesn't cooperate. EEH13

But so far, the weather always has. The Easter bunny showed up and did a magnificent job. Some seventy kids of all ages EEH13filled Easter baskets, drank coffee and lemonade, and ate the delicious home-made sweets. It was spring-like weather, with winter in retreat. The trees in Library Park were in bloom, as were the daffodils.EEH13 EEH13EEH13

Many thanks to all who made the EEH the signature Library Park event of the year once again: head EEH13librarian Anne Smart for opening up the branch on Sunday for bathroom use; Mary Owens for the lovely poster design; Liane Crawford and Barbara Sommerfeld for their delicious baked goods; Glyn Polson, Rhys Sevier, Barbara Sommerfeld and Dana Dubreuil for filling the 1,200 eggs; Chris Fagg for his outstanding performance as Easter bunny; Officer Mike Doyle for making the Tremont Street crossing safe; Murphy O'Flaherty and Walter Newman for inflating the balloons and helping set up. You all will get the call again next year...