Richard Vacca, Who Chronicled the Boston Jazz Scene from 1937-1962, Will Speak at the South End Branch, Tuesday, February 18 at 6 PM

boston jazz chroniclesWhenever musicians have played jazz in Boston, they've played it in the South End. That was true at the time of World War I, and it's true today, almost 100 years later. The music's glory years, though, were in the middle decades of the 20th century—the 1940s and 1950s. Richard Vacca's book, The Boston Jazz Chronicles: Faces, Places, and Nightlife 1937-1962, is a lively account of those decades, years when the South End was at the center of the action. Join us on February 18 when Vacca takes us on a tour of the neighborhood, with stops at the Savoy Cafe, the Hi-Hat, the Pioneer Social Club, and other long-shuttered rooms. And along the way we'll meet some of the club owners and musicians who made the South End swing.