Boston Globe Editorial Page Suggests MFA's Private Fundraising Could Be a Blueprint for Civic Rejuvenation of the Public Library

An editorial in Saturday's Boston Globe proposed that the funding strategy for the expansion of the Museum of Fine Art's exhilarating new wing could be the blueprint for rejuvenating other major civic institutions, including the Boston Public Library. More than 25,000 people contributed to the $504 million raised for the MFA, the Globe reported, replicating the role played by Boston Brahmins in the 19th Century when they helped found the Boston Symphony, the Public Library and the Museum of Fine Arts, among other institutions.

"The library, museum, and symphony arose in part through the determination of individual Bostonians that their city should be second to none in the world. The names of those great patrons, from George Ticknor to Henry Lee Higginson, are distant echoes, but their pride is visible every day on the streets of the city. The same will be true of those who support today’s civic improvements," the editors wrote.