Scott D Pomfret Speaks at the Library

Title: Scott D Pomfret Speaks at the LibraryDescription: Scott D. Pomfret, the author of Sincre My Last Confession, an irreverent and lighthearted memoir in the style of Michael Moore's Roger & Me, describing three years of stalkign the then-Archbishop O'Malley during the Massachusetts same-sex marriage debate, will speak at the South End Branch on Tues Evenings, 9th November at 6:30pm. Start Time: 18:30 Date: 2010-11-09

Mr. Pomfret's other works include Romantics-brand gay romance novels, the Q Guide to Wine and Cocktails, and dozens of short stories published in, among other venues, Post Road, New Orleans Review, Fiction International, and Fourteen Hills. Pomfret is now at work on a novel, The Prostitue's Son. For more information, go to