BPL Acts As If Library Closures Are On Track, But Councillor Yancey Pledges to Do All He Can to Keep Branches Open

While the intense heat of this spring's battle to keep libraries open has dissipated, advocates and patrons of the four to-be-closed branches are feeling the steady drumbeat of the BPL's library-closing machine coming down the street. Meetings organized by the administration to "transition" library services at Faneuil, East Boston, Lower Mills and Washington Village  branches into other facilities located nearby have been held, but not welcomed by the communities. Especially at Lower Mills, where advocated had collected 4,000 signatures to save the library, a popular and fully handicapped accessible building, resistance to transition is stiff.

At a recent Post-Audit Library Budget hearing, City Councillor Maureen Feeney pleaded for patrons to work with the administration to preserve library services in locations other than the Lower Mills library building itself but got little response from a community of library users that wants  those services inside the library, where they feel the services belong.

Councillor Charles Yancey. who chaired the meeting and determined that to keep all branches open this year would only cost $300,000, said he would do "everything we can to find resources" to reverse the BPL's closings, according to an excellent article on library closures by the on-line Dorchester Reporter.

The City's budget this year has a surplus of $9 million.