BPL Trustees Meeting Scheduled for Tuesday, September 14, 8:30 AM at Copley Library's McKim Building

The next BPL trustees meeting is scheduled to take place Tuesday, September 14 at 8:30 AM in the Copley Library's McKim's Building Orientation Room on the first floor. The public is cordially invited. On the agenda is an item called "Preliminary Plan for Community Outreach Process,"  which follows "The Review of the Boston Library Compass: Principles for Excellence."

The Compass For Excellence is one of a series of studies launched by the BPL over the last decade or more to make the BPL a better library. Last January, the BPL's Compass group had three one-hour evening meetings at branch libraries in South Boston, Dorchester and Hyde Park. They were poorly advertised and at times attended by more BPL and city employees than library patrons. The meetings did not provide any concrete suggestions from BPL professionals about how to update the BPL system, or provide visual information about what libraries in other cities and states have already accomplished that might be of interest to Bostonians.

The Preliminary Plan for Community Outreach Process is a hopeful sign that the trustees may want to improve on the outreach process, especially after the numerous raucous meetings held this spring over proposed library closings during which time the BPL's trustees and administrators were accused of  "not reaching out" and "not listening" to the concerns of library patrons.