Citywide Library Friends Group Seeks Your Personal Stories in Continuing Campaign to Keep All Boston Branches Open

The People of Boston Branches (PBB), a recently formed library advocacy organization for all the branches, is embarking on a story campaign to convince our elected city and state officials to keep libraries open and funded. Below is their request. Their email is  They also have a web site. The person in charge is Brandon Abbs. We Need Your Story

We are putting together a campaign: 100 reasons Not to Cut the Boston Public Library.  It will include stories from all of the library stakeholders, including the patrons.  If you have a reason that you need the library to stay at full service, please e-mail it to me.  To help with distribution something 250 words or less would be idea.  Remember, there is a big weeding campaign going on now to reduce inventory, we're losing microtext, we're losing the newspaper room, your librarian could be moved to another branch, we're losing book delivery service, and we're losing cleaning services.  How will these losses impact your lives?

We are also coordinating writing campaigns.  Organize a quick 10-minute letter writing session at a community group meeting, book club meeting, tot lot play date or after school group.  If you need postcards that are ready to go, let us know -- we can get them to you and coordinate picking them back up.

What we would like to do is deliver them in person with our delegations -- if you'd like to be a part of the delegation (Dates TBD, but after June 3) let us know!