"Green" Public Library Opens in Battery Park, NYC, Following in Footsteps of "Green" Ballard Library in Seattle

Amid the Orwellian approach by the BPL's leadership to "transform" the Boston public library system by engaging in closures, layoffs and service reductions, there are examples of more enlightened visions. In New York City, a new green library just opened in Battery Park, with the assistance of a grant by their Wall Street neighbor Goldman Sachs (yes, the same guys who almost drove our economy into the ditch..never mind..life is complicated). Battery Park Public Library is only 10,000 square feet, only half the size BPL president Amy Ryan thinks is required to be a 'lead library." It was built where there had been none before, and, being located in NYC, is not likely to have parking. This is not the first green library in the country: when Seattle built, renovated and rebuilt its library system in the last ten years, it included an environmental marvel, the Ballard Library. It is only 15,000 square feet, twice the size it was before, but among its many environmentally responsive features, it has a roof planted with 18,000 low-water-use plants that can be viewed by periscope from the floor below. It is never to early to start dreaming about the libraries we deserve, especially since we are paying for them. Let's start right now.