Boston Media Keep the Focus on Library Consolidation Battle as BPL Trustees' Votes on Closures, Lay-0ffs Loom Next Week

Local media are oozing ink and pixels about the proposed library consolidation, which is beginning to look like one of those brawls Boston is known and feared for. From the Jamaica Plain Gazette to the South End News, from the Boston Herald to the Boston Globe, reporters dug into the meaning of what a community without a library might look like. And then there is the Universal Hub, a blog that asks: How Does Your Branch Library Stack Up in the BPL Death March? A protest march around Copley Library last Sunday received good press, even though the turnout was average, and a report today on the "measures" the BPL has accumulated to assess branch libraries' right-to-live were  part of a lively article by the Globe's Andrew Ryan. It alluded to a difficulty BPL president, Amy Ryan, may have understanding the differences between living in a suburb and a densely populated city like Boston where many people don't own cars. Ryan, who came to Boston from Minnesota's Hennepin County, where a number of libraries are located in shopping malls, may want to listen carefully to Bostonians who described the great appreciation they hold for being able to walk to a library. "I think the big picture people are missing is that we're not a car culture here," South End resident Guy Messier told the Globe.