Tuesday March 9 Rally 11:00 AM, BPL Trustees 3:00 PM

A statewide rally at the State House at 11:00 AM tomorrow, is the first salvo of the day in the battle to save state and local libraries. The second will be at 3:00 PM in Copley Library, where the BPL board of trustees will announce further details on the proposed closing of a third of its neighborhood libraries. To accommodate an anticipated fired-up crowd, the meeting has been moved to the Rabb Lecture Hall. The City Council is going to be there, as well as many library Friends groups, who have been signing petitions and rallying their troops Water Obstacle. The City-Wide Friends of the Boston Public Library, which has its own home page on the BPL web site click here, has produced an on-the-run petition to keep all the branches open, but in the heat of the moment, it'll do. Petition Sponsored by the Massachusetts Library Association, a statewide organization of librarians and related library professionals, this is the second rally since their last one before the State House last November, protesting crippling funding cuts to libraries. See related article.