One More "Listening" Session with BPL Trustees at Copley Library Today at 3 PM

The BPL Trustees will listen to comments about proposed closings of up to ten neighborhood libraries today, March 24, in a hearing scheduled for 3:00 PM at the Rabb Auditorium at the Copley Library. Separately, The Boston Globe today published a moving profile by Andrew Ryan about the smallest and, likely most vulnerable to closing, branch in the BPL system,  the Washington Village Library in South Boston. This neighborhood library, carved out of two apartments in the Old Colony housing project, has been openly suggested as a target for closing by CityWide Friends of the BPL, together with another one, Uphams Corner, which also happens to be a library with many teen and children's programs.

To his credit, BPL trustees' chair, Jeffrey Rudman, who presided over a trustee meeting where the suggestion was made, responded at the time that people using Washington Village "would feel quite differently" about their library's closing. For more details about todays article on Washington Village, click here.