Library Advocates Protesting Branch Closings to Walk Around Copley Library on Sunday, March 28, 12:30 PM

Library advocates hoping to halt the closing of one third of Boston's neighborhood branches will be marching around Copley Library on Sunday, March 28, at 12:30 PM, when the library opens. Organized by the newly formed People for Boston Branches, which has teamed up with the long-time City-Wide Friends of the Boston Public Library, the demonstration will mark the end of a series of "listening" sessions by the BPL trustees and the beginning of additional community meetings the BPL has scheduled for "more listening." The organizers hope to attract people from all the BPL's 26 branches, and ask participants to bring signs. FOSEL supporter and graphic designer Mary Owens has created signs in English and Spanish, which you can download by clicking below.For further information, contact Brandon Abbs at, or David Vieiga, at

Signboards_SAVE LIBRARY_English,

Spanish flyer