City Council Reviews Library Budget Tomorrow 10:30 AM

The Boston City Council's President, Michael Ross, will hold a meeting tomorrow, Thursday, at 10:30 AM to go over the BPL's current budget. He said at a meeting of Parker Hill Library Friends two weeks ago that he'd prefer to cut executives from the budget to closing libraries Module Art panneaux . The City Council has the power to block the Mayor's proposed FY11 budget unless all library funding for the branches is restored. They may, in fact, be the only recourse Boston residents will have to save their libraries from the Mayor's budget axe.

This is exactly what former City Council President, and our  late South End Councillor, Jim Kelly, did ten years ago to restore all the funding for the renovation of Titus Sparrow Park, when Mayor Menino had cut the park's renovation budget by 40 percent. As a result of Councillor Kelly's courageous stand, every municipal penny was returned for the park's rebuilding, and the rest is history: we have a glorious and heavily used park. I was the president of the Friends of Titus Sparrow Park at the time, so I know whereof I speak.

You, South End residents, rallied to this challenge and helped Councillor Kelly fight this battle successfully.

City councilors need to have the same support from you now to save the libraries. So, if you care about your library, even if you don't care that much about your councillor, go to tomorrow's meeting and let him/her know that your memory will be long enough to reach into the next election cycle. Half the battle may already be won: I don't know of any councillor who wants to cut library budgets or close libraries.

This is not their idea.