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South End Library Offers Two One-hour Free Brain Health Workshops, Starting Wednesday, June 5, at 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM

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According to Elizabeth Boveroux’s message to South End Seniors’s Listserve:

“The workshop is run by a Toronto based company called Cogniciti which has been very active in brain research. It, in turn, is affiliated with Baycrest, which runs a hospital that was founded in 1918 and mental health clinics and recreation programs for people with various stages of memory loss. 

They run these free mental health workshops all over Canada and the US, looking for people who are nervous about their mental health but are not yet in the vortex of serious trouble. 

In part they are looking for people who might be interested in clinical trials designed to test possible approaches to memory problems before they become severe. It consists of a 20 minute test, which you can also take on line (Google Cogniciti), and if appropriate they will provide a private consultation. Apparently, research on memory loss prevention is very slow because it is difficult to find people interested in the trials: the normal source of trial candidates is from doctors, but by the time people are concerned enough to see a doctor they are usually too far into it to be helpful for these preventive trials.

Your report will include a science based brain health score and you will have access to Cogniciti's online Memory and Caregiver Centres, each full of science based brain health information and tools."

REMINDER: If interested call 617-536-8241 to reserve a place at one of these workshops: Next Wednesday, June 5th 2 to 3pm and 3 to 4pm.