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South End History Writer Alison Barnet Will Present "Once Upon a Neighborhood: A Timeline and Anecdotal History of the South End of Boston," Tuesday, October 8 at 6:30 PM

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Local author Alison Barnet, a member of the informal South End Library’s History Collective, will return for her most recent take on what makes the South End tick. The author of a series of perceptive, original and passionate analyses of the South End as both a place and a character, Barnet will be introduced by her colleague, another local history scribe, Russ Lopez.

Barnet’s serendipitous landing in the South End happened in the 1960s when, as a transfer student to Boston University, she was not offered dorm space there. She found room in one of the “approved” living spaces for women at the time, the Franklin Square House on East Newton Street, where her love affair with the South End began as she walked from the South End back and forth to BU every day. As she reported in a previous book, South End Character, “I liked it when people spoke to me, and I found what they said witty, offbeat, profound, poetic, right on target, and never boring.” One of the founders of the South End News in the 1980s, Barnet also wrote Extravaganza King: Robert Barnet and Boston Musical Theater and Sitting Ducks.