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The 11th Annual Friends of the South End Library Easter Egg Hunt Will Take Place on Sunday, April 1 (No Kidding) at 11:00 AM, Ending at 11:03 AM (Just Kidding)


The next South End Library Easter Egg Hunt will take place, rain or shine (well...if it's a Nor'easter we might reconsider) in Library Park on April 1 between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM. In reality, it will be over by 11:03 AM as the crowd of children that breaks through the fence at 11:00 AM sharp is primed for the hunt, as the image above attests.


There will be more than 1,500 eggs filled with chocolate eggs, poems and knock-knock jokes (after all, we are a library Friends group), and delicious baked goods, coffee and lemonade will be available for all. We will have sectioned of a safe space for the defenseless very young children who would otherwise be run over by their older and intensely focused friends. The Easter Bunny has been convinced to do it one more time and apparently can't wait for the Hunt: it is the Bunny's favorite event of the year. 


We have some free baskets for those who can't find the ones from last year. They can be taken home and do not have to be returned. As always, we request and usually receive a police presence from our officers at Area D4. The gates will be closed until the countdown at 10:59:30 AM. Balloons decorating the fences can be taken home as well. 


This is usually the first event after the New England winter season has ended, and likely the last in Library Park as it is now constituted. If the weather gods are with us, it should be a lovely day, and a good farewell to the old and tired park. Next year in...well, maybe not Jerusalem but certainly in a better green space at the corner of Tremont Street and Rutland Square.