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Principal Architect of the Firm that Designed the South End Library in 1960s Will Talk about the Building's Architecture on Tuesday, March 12

mitchel giurgola.png

Does the image above remind you of the design of the South End library? No surprise if it does, as it was the product of the same architectural firm of Mitchell/Giurgola, then based in Philadelphia, now in New York. The architects, Romaldo Giurgola and Ehrman Mitchell, who have since passed away, designed the South End library’s building in the late 1960s (It opened in 1971). The Philadelphia office is now called MGA Partners.

Dan Kelly, the principal architect from MGA Partners, originally known as Mitchell/Giurgola, will come to the branch to talk about the library’s architectural history on Tuesday, March 12. Giurgola became the chair of the Columbia University School of Architecture and Planning around the time the South End branch was designed, opened a second office in New York City, and later moved to Canberra, Australia, when the firm won the competition to design the Australian Parliament building. He passed away in 2016. Mitchell died in 2005.