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Gil Rose, Artistic Director/Conductor of Odyssey Opera, and Impresario Randolph Fuller Will present the 2018/2018 Season Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of Composer Charles Gunoud

Gil Rose, the artistic director Odyssey Opera, and Randolph Fuller, a South End resident and passionate opera impresario, will be at the South End library to present the 2018-19  season of the opera series, including this fall a celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Gounod. Last year, both Rose and Fuller discussed the Trial by Fire performances of the last season, five operas by different composers, each focused on the life of Joan of Arc, with Fuller giving an erudite talk about the history of opera in Boston. Fuller has been in love with opera since his parents took him to see Die Fledermaus at the Boston Opera House when he was nine. 

This fall's series will open with Gunoud's grand opera at Jordan Hall, La reine de Saba(The Queen of Sheba), on Saturday, September 22. It is followed by a rare stage performance on Friday, November 9 and Sunday November 11, at the Huntington Theatre, of his most admired comedy, Le médecin malgré lui (The Doctor in Spite of Himself). Gunoud's opera of Goethe's Faust (1859) was the most staged opera at the time, with 2,000 performances at the Paris Opera alone.