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You're invited to the Annual Meeting of the Friends of the South end Library: Elect a new board, meet BPL president David Leonard, and hear the latest about library and park renovation

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The Friends of the South End Library will propose their next board on Tuesday, January 30 at 6:30 PM at the South End branch and you, the audience will have the last word.  Among those attending will be BPL president David Leonard, who also serves on the Friends' Honorary Fundraising Committee.

FOSEL voting members serve one-year terms and the officers (president, treasurer and clerk), stay on for two years. It is a diverse volunteer board, united in its commitment to the well-being of the South End branch. Some members are more active than others at different times, depending on their personal and professional obligations, but each has contributed to the improvement of the library. This year, all the terms are up, so new officers and directors will be elected and/or re-elected by none other than you, the audience. A slate of proposed candidates will be presented on this website as the date approaches. Current board members are in the process of recruiting new candidates.

Are you interested? Let us know by contacting us at 

The Friends have a voting board and an advisory board. Members of each participate in the meetings, email exchanges and volunteer activities as they are able to. Apart from the scheduled Annual Meeting at the end of January/beginning of February, the board(s) meet three of four times a year at a time convenient to all, either at the South End library, when it is open at night, or at the home of a board member. 

The Friends are looking for library supporters to join either board who can assist us with the projects we are currently sponsoring. No financial commitments are required. They include:

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1. Raising funds for the second phase of the planned interior renovation of the South End branch, a unique joint partnership between the BPL and the Friends: We are the first local library Friends group in Boston that has collected private funds for a branch's capital renovation. For the first phase, we exceeded our fundraising goal of $50,000 by $20,000 (we never had received more than $7,000 for programming from a mail campaign). We expect to do well in the second phase and..believe it or is fun to ask for money for a great institution such as a local library that is so popular among its users. You can do it, too. For details, visit the Capital Campaign page, linked here.

Head librarian, Anne Smart, with celebrated South End Writes author, Junot Diaz, January 2017

Head librarian, Anne Smart, with celebrated South End Writes author, Junot Diaz, January 2017

2. The South End Writes authors program has brought famous and not-yet-famous, but always excellent, local authors and luminaries to the library for more than seven years, providing audiences with evenings of laughter, illumination and revelation. Board members Invite speakers who will be of interest to local residents, and help plan and promote the event. Over the years, nearly every board member has suggested an author or speaker, and none has ever disappointed. For a list of past speakers, click here.

The January 2018 Local/Focus window by local theatre company, Zeitgeist Stage

The January 2018 Local/Focus window by local theatre company, Zeitgeist Stage

3. Local/Focus is the most recent program initiated by the Friends that uses the South End branch's prominent Tremont Street windows as a mirror of the neighborhood it is located in. The mission of Local/Focus is to connect the South End library to local artists, non-profits, and creative entrepreneurs by offering installations in the Tremont Street window that showcase what they are about. Now in its second year, the richness of the South End neighborhood has provided an endless source of possible displays. Thus far, we have featured artists like wire sculptor Will Corcoran, painter Paul Goodnight, decoupage artist Jenn Sherr, ceramicist Lori Pease, fiber artists The South End Knitters, and photographer Greg Jundanian; non-profits like the Children's Arts CentreMass Audubon, the Perkins School for the Blind, the Society for Arts and Crafts, and educational publisher, Language Together. In addition, the on-line local retailer, Smiling Button, had a display of dresses patterned after garb from children's literature, and Fieldworkshop, a local architectural team, created an installation demonstrating the sustainable groundwater systems of the Lightwells in Library Park. In January, we feature be an award winning local theatre company, Zeitgeist Stage, and, in February, we will showcase the beloved Community Music Center of Boston. For more details, click on  the posting linked here. Help make it happen: join the Friends' board and organize future Local/Focus exhibits of organizations and/or artists you think need to be known better...

4. Summer concerts in Library Park: Since 2009, Pat Loomis and his Friends have produced four very popular jazz & blues concerts each summer.  You can help with additional musical events, and/or expand the current series, especially once Library Park will have been renovated, later this summer. 

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