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The next Jazz & Blues Concert in Library Park on August 15 will feature Pat Loomis and Nine of his Friends, including four vocalists, adding song to the birthday celebration of Loomis's son, Aidan.

The third concert of the (fast-moving) summer season in Library Park will bring no less than four vocalists to the event, a musical celebration to pay homage to the 17th birthday of the bandleader's son, Aidan. The title of the August 15 musical bash is Aidan's Choice: A Birthday Tribute to the Great Aidan Shiell-Loomis.  Aiden Loomis indeed selected the musicians, who include Pat Loomis, saxophone, vocals; Antonio Loomis, guitar; Sarah Seminski, vocals; Nephtaliem McCrary, vocals; Scott Aruda;  trumpet, vocals; Angel Subero, trombone; Steven Higgs, keyboard; Steve Cuoco, bass; and Benny Benson, drums. 

The concerts are free to all. The park and the library are fully handicapped accessible. We serve delicious watermelon. Bring your own chairs to complement the ones set out by the library staff. 

The final concert of the summer will also include vocalists, details to be announced, and will be held on Tuesday, August 29. It has the moniker of The Quiet Storm: An Evening of Smooth, Seductive Grooves. The concerts begin at 6:30 PM and end by 8:00 PM.

The concerts are funded jointly by the South End branch and the Friends of the South End Library, which means..YOU. Thank you.