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The December Local/Focus display in the Tremont Street window showcases the CraftBoston show at the Hynes Convention Center sponsored by the Society of Arts and Crafts

The Society of Arts and Crafts, which is sponsored the twelfth holiday exhibit of juried crafts by artists from all over the country at the Hynes Convention Center from December 14 to 17, has installed a Local/Focus display in the South End library's Tremont Street window featuring some of the crafts for sale at the Hynes. If you missed it, your loss, but it's not the end of the world. Next April 20-22, the Society will have another crafts fair at the Cyclorama, right here in the South End. 

craft boston.png

The Society of Arts and Crafts dates from the end of the 19th century and is America's oldest arts and craft nonprofit organization. It was located for forty years on Newbury Street but moved last year to the Seaport District. The mission of the Society has been to "develop and encourage higher artistic standards in the handcrafts." Local/Focus is a project sponsored by the Friends of the South End Library to connect local non-profits, creative entrepreneurs and artists to the branch library with installations in its Tremont Street window.

The entrance fee to the Hynes of $15 was reduced to $12 for whoever mentioned the Local/Focus window. All the revenue from ticket sales supports the Society of Arts and Crafts, which is the nations oldest craft non-profit organization.