New Local/Focus Installation in the South End Library’s Tremont Street Window Proposes That a “Spot Color” Immersion Program in Chinese, French, Spanish or English Can Be Effective and a Lot of Fun for Young Children

A new Local/Focus project in the Tremont Street window has replaced  the display of  Mystery and Thriller Books with a foreign-language immersion program for young children, called Language TogetherThe brainchild of local resident Germaine Choe, it proposes that the Spot Color Immersion Method taps the natural inclination of children to use their “language instinct” and learn a foreign language with ease, while  having fun.

Even a teddy bear half-blinded by too much love can still learn to read Chinese...

Even a teddy bear half-blinded by too much love can still learn to read Chinese…

Local/Focus installers Germaine Choe and Karen Watson in front of the Language Together exhibit

Local/Focus installers Germaine Choe and Karen Watson in front of the Language Together exhibit

Choe started Chinese Together in 2012 as an after-school Chinese program for children aged three to eight, some classes for which took place in the South End library. The pedagogical findings from this “language lab” became the foundation for the Language Together approach featured in the simply designed and colorful small books on display in the library’s Tremont Street window through March and early April. Choe, whose background is in educational publishing, developed Language Together with teachers and curriculum experts.  She previously worked at Living Language, the foreign language division of Penguin Random House, was director of marketing for Lightbulb Press, publisher of the Wall Street Journal financial guides, and managed international distribution for Harvard Business Publishing. She lives in the South End with her husband and two children.

Dark winter nights' Mystery and Thriller windows

Dark winter nights’ Mystery and Thriller windows

Greg Jundanian's Poet Portraits installation in the SE library's window

Greg Jundanian’s poet portraits installation in the SE library’s window, accompanied by a night of Poetry Slam

Local/Focus is sponsored by the Friends of the South End Library (FOSEL) to better connect the library to the South End community of artists, non-profits and creative entrepreneurs by featuring installations of their work in the library’s prominent Tremont Street windows. Since its start last year, the displays have included exhibits of handmade kites by Karen Watson (Throw Caution to the Wind); wire sculptures inspired by tales of Grimm and Edgar Allen Poe by local artist Will Corcoran; Smiling Button girls’ dresses based on those in children’s tales; sustainable groundwater efforts of Library Park’s LightWells by Michelle Laboy; photographs of poet portraits by Greg Jundanian; bird nest sculptures by Children’s Art Centre students with real bird nests provided by the Mass Audubon Nature Center in Mattapan; ceramic book sculptures by Lori Pease and folded books by Veronica Mueller; and a Thanksgiving and Holiday display by FOSEL volunteers.

FOSEL's 2016 Holiday Installation with Direct-Tire's Painted Tires

FOSEL’s 2016 Holiday Installation with painted discarded tires donated by DirectTire

Will Corcoran's wire sculptures

Will Corcoran’s wire sculptures after Grimm and Edgar Allan Poe’s fairy tales

Coming up will be exhibits by longtime South End artist Paul Goodnight, watercolorist Marianne Kinzer, a white-line (Provincetown) print show and, we hope, those mysterious South End knitters whose colorful embellishments of  fences, bike racks and other public spaces without leaving a name card have intrigued many. If you wish to propose an installation of your own that would be of interest to the larger South End community, please contact head librarian, Anne Smart, at, or call 617 536-8241.

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